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Report Creation On The Move

50 million lines transcribed with over 98% accuracy.

For Business and Medical

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Worry-free rapid speech to text reports

You can now dictate 24/7 and receive your expertly prepared documents promptly. The benefits of Edoc Scriptus include:

You only pay
for what’s delivered

turnaround times

Cloud-based review and editing including our compliant approval process

For Medical

Edoc Scriptus is the premier boutique-sized
transcription service organization in the
country. Our proven report timeliness maximizes
your revenue and minimizes your concerns.

For Business

Edoc Scriptus offers insightful voice to text services,
saving you time and money. Simply pick up the phone and talk.

Fast Easy Setup Our system is available on-demand. Setup is fast and easy. You and your team can be dictating within minutes of setup.
USA Based Staff Our staff are all US based with a median level of 16 years of business and acute medical care experience.
One Solution. One Price. We partner with our clients offering transparent pricing with competitive rates, absolutely no start-up fees or hidden costs.

Virtual Medical Scribes

Improve the efficiency of your workflow and get rid of EMR headaches with Edoc’s Medical Scribes.

Quick turnaround

Safe and secure

HIPAA-Compliant and Confidential

Transparent pricing

Closed Captioning

High quality, US-based staff that offers fast turnaround for all your closed captioning needs:

Become ADA Compliant

Easy order and quick turnaround

Any video format (emailed to you or added to your videos)

Safe, secure, HIPAA-compliant & confidential

Edoc's high quality transcriptionists develop script & embed within your videos, making closed captioning easier than ever before and is ideal for :

Higher education, colleges & universities

Media or production companies


Medical organizations

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For companies with leaders who want their organizations to better compete and drive ongoing business results, it's time to look at the emerging reality of the business world..


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