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The History of Edoc Service

The company began in March 1997 when Jim Mullaney, President/CEO recognized the need in the business community for outside support in marketing and administrative tasks. All client support is accomplished by teams of associates in remote locations in and around the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area and other cities in the U.S.

Edoc CEO Jim Mullaney
discusses the company and faith

The initial focus of EDOCService (Electronic Document Service) was on outsourced administrative support. A highly effective “Marketing Model” was developed as an outgrowth to administrative assignments revolving around lead generation and direct marketing. We discovered that traditional direct marketing methods are no longer effective. This unique model developed by us has been proven effective with numerous clients. Our focus has evolved however since the 2009 recession and includes 4 unique divisions in the company. These are:

  • Edoc Scribe
  • Edoc Virtual
  • eSign by Edoc
  • Edoc Office

Our Scribe Division services a large medical and business transcription client base with a team of transcriptionists unparalleled in the industry. Our digital voice system for dictators and cloud-based online document review and approval technology is cutting edge.

Our Virtual Division helps companies transition to a “virtual culture”. We have learned over the years operating as a 100% virtual company that allowing workers the freedom to perform duties remotely requires more than technology. We realize that most companies operate in a hi-bred environment rather than entirely virtual.  Technology is readily available, yet for those remote workers, morale skyrockets and productivity is enhanced only under the right culture. We provide an assessment and guidance for a new way allowing companies to “take down the walls” externally and internally.

Edoc eSign is a simple-to-use cloud-based system developed by us for legally compliant document approvals. “Click, eSign, Done!” Click here and check it out. Sign up and start using it today.

Our Office Division launched assisting CPA’s and other financial institutions in bringing best practices for efficiency to client back offices. We provide the tools for financial firms to remain engaged with their clients and assist them beyond tax season, special requests and business as usual.

In 2012 Edoc was recognized as one of Cincinnati’s 55 fastest growing companies! Edoc Service presently serves clients all across the U.S.

Jim Mullaney is a graduate of Benjamin Franklin/George Washington University in Washington D.C. with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting. (Jim explains that he is a very “right-brained” accountant.) After 23 years with Marriott Corporation and Marriott Hotels he worked four years as Technical Operations Manager for a Cincinnati Staffing Company. The idea for outsourced productivity and collaboration tools began when Jim noticed the Staffing offices unable to fill on-site orders with qualified staff. Jim’s CEO at the time dismissed his idea for the new staffing model and Jim left one year later to begin Electronic Document Service now Edoc Service, Inc.

Jim is active in the community and currently serves in the Fairfield Rotary Club as Past-President and current chairperson of the Ethical Business Committee. Jim is President and Chairman of the non-profit ministry Christian Ministry Campus, Inc. and Amaizing Grace Kettle Corn. He also serves on the membership committee for Small Giants.

Jim’s motto for business success is: “Success is not real unless it is accompanied by true character.”


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