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“EDOC is a pioneer in virtual business. With over 60 [staff members] working remotely across the country, and consistently out-producing competition through close-knit teamwork, EDOC offers best practices worth emulating. One of Greater Cincinnati’s fastest growing companies, EDOC is ramping up to impact multiple industries with its unique platform for virtual productivity.”

— Chuck Proudfit, President Skillsource

I have an enormous amount of trust and Respect for Jim Mullaney and the team at Edoc Service. They have an exceptional ability to solve complicated business problems through innovative, yet practical solutions. Furthermore, their passion for representing the best interests of small business owners is unparalleled, while never wavering on in their commitment to uphold the highest level of integrity. I cannot recommend them strong enough.

–Bryan J. Hogan, President AfidenceIT

Having been in business for 33 years, serving as President and Chief Executive Officer for 20 years and a SCORE counselor for 22 years, I whole heartedly recommend Jim Mullaney and his company, EDOC Service, Inc. He has created a highly capable, state of the art organization built on principles with a high emphasis on client/ supplier partnering. I have worked with Jim since November 1998.

–Ralph Lowenstein President & CEO (retired) H. Wolf & Sons, Inc.

This letter is in recommendation of business and community leader Edoc Service.

Edoc Service has provided business to business growth solutions since 1997. They are transforming the landscape of Corporate America through innovative business services and authenticity one company at a time. As a member of the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance we have found Edoc Service to be innovative in their approach, strategic with their plan, and thrive to exceed the expectations of their customers with each outcome.

As a leader in creating a virtual business community through technology for its clients, Edoc Service is driven by purpose and principles which includes:

  • People are the most valuable asset
  • Partner with clients rather than engage as a vendor
  • Relationships are based on strong business ethics, values and integrity
  • Focus on continuous improvement

If your organization is looking for a partner to support and enhance your office needs, I strongly recommend one of the fastest growing companies as recognized by the Business Courier in Greater Cincinnati – Edoc Service.

–Joseph A. Hinson, IOM, President & CEO, West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance

I have known Jim Mullaney for almost eight years now. I am his pastor and his friend. He is a man of great faith and integrity. I am familiar with his successful company known as Edoc Service which is a company founded upon sound ethical business practices. Jim is an active leader in our Church. I continue to learn best business practices from Jim as I lead our Lindenwald Church. I highly recommend his company’s new business venture, ‘Edoc Office.’

–Valerie Waibel, Senior Pastor Lindenwald United Methodist Church

I have had the honor of representing Edoc Service, Inc. since 1997. From its inception,

Edoc has operated with high integrity and ethics. Their word is truly their bond. As a small business itself, Edoc, through the leadership of Jim Mullaney, has continually strived to be beneficially innovative, both in its own operation and for their clients. Because of this, Edoc has effectively weathered the occasional storms any business faces. I highly recommend working with Edoc!

–Robert Brown, Rendigs, Fry, Kiely & Dennis, LLP

I have been a friend and business associate of Jim Mullaney for more than ten years. We’ve been involved in a CEO Roundtable, Christian Roundtable and on a personal level a monthly stock club.

Jim has a generous spirit and is a loyal, ethical businessman. His strong work ethic has helped him achieve a number of successes in his career, but he still makes time to do help others when they ask. That’s a quality I’ve always admired. I trust him; he has never let me down.

I enjoyed working with Jim Mullaney and am happy to be able to provide this recommendation. I have great respect for him as an individual and as a professional and am confident that he will continue to exhibit positive performance in all he does.

–Sandra Ambrose President, Without A Doubt Truck Repair, Inc.


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