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Edoc Office provides stability, efficiency and best practices to your company’s office.

Learn more about back office efficiency with EDOC Office

Focus on Operations and Growth

Poorly organized offices and staff can cause distractions and possible catastrophic loss. Don’t let this happen!

Daily transactions are recorded in real time via QuickBooks for up-to-date reporting at any timend.

Timely billing for maximized cash flow.

Forensic watch and alert process.

Your office staff may even work remotely. Saving you equipment, workspace and adding productive time to the back office.

Your Trained Office Staff Helps Your Business Stay Organized and Thrive

Edoc Office can provide you with strategy for financial direction. Imagine: Becoming debt free – Controllable expense cost savings –  Improved cash flow

Take a look at the Edoc Office Effectiveness Model that brings you a framework of best practices, office efficiency & oversight

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An effective and efficient back office can: Monitor system for local/state tax deadlines Bring timely reconciliations for bank, credit card, and other A&L accounts

We Help Businesses Become More Efficient and Profitable

You realize it’s time for an efficient office with leadership support that can save you time and money.

Your complex transactions will remain under direction of your CPA.

“You can think of Edoc Office as the support link between you and your CPA. As an accountant myself, I know that having that kind of day-to-day transaction oversight gives me peace of mind with a proven track record of savings.”

Jim Mullaney
CEO/President of Edoc Service

What Else Should I Know About Edoc Office?

Admin personnel remain on your payroll and in your control. We simply train, provide resources and help you select the right staff as needed.

Learn more about the office support that can give you the office efficiency you’ve been looking for.

administrative oversight without giving up control for office efficiency and best practices.

Attention CPA’s, Bankers and other advisors – Don’t Let Your Clients Down!

It is tax time again and you learn that some of your clients experienced these:
  • Unexpected cash crisis
  • Embezzlement or other internal crime
  • Marriage strain from overwhelmed spouse in office
  • Business downturn and possible loss of company
  • Array of business disruptions due to a disorganized back office
It is a fact that you truly care for the welfare of your clients. Edoc partners with you to provide the watch-care your clients deserve. Contact us and we will show you how easy this is.

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